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Structural Fire Protection

Structural fire protection products are designed to protect life and property in the event of a fire. This can be compromised by poor installation or application, which may result in premature failure in the event of a fire. Below are some examples of structural fire protection solutions that TECL can install.

Fibre Based Steel Protection Systems are low cost and can be installed fast and with minimum disruption to other site operations. This system is a non aesthetic system and is mainly used above suspended ceilings or in areas that are not seen by the end user. This system can be installed using a number of methods including dry fix clips, welded pins or glue and noggins, TECL can advise on the best system to suit your project.

Glass Fibre Reinforced Gypsum Board is a frameless encasement system and can afford protection to universal columns and beams, together with many joist and castellated beam sections. Gypsum board can be used in any type of building that requires fire protection. This is a semi aesthetic system and offers a more robust solution and can withstand impacts which reduce remedial work during construction. There isn't a requirement to apply a decorative treatment. This system is commonly used in schools due to acoustic capability. Gypsum Board can also be skimmed and painted to form an aesthetic finish.

Flexible Fire Protection Blanket Systems have been developed as a response to the need for a cheap alternative to sprays but without the adverse effects on a construction program often associated with wet applications. The principle advantages are low cost comparable with cheap boards and the fixing is dry and may not have significant effects on other trades. The disadvantage to this system is appearance and it is unlikely to be used where the steel is visible

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Soffit Insulation

Modern apartment blocks and new office developments are built with a requirement for parking spaces and as such the ground floor is often conceded to provide the space. Resulting from this is a need to reduce cold bridging through the slab. Our team of highly skilled installers have vast experience of installing all types of soffit insulation from foil faced to more complex cementitious hard board finished systems designed to meet the architect’s specific U Value requirement.

Façade & Building Envelope Insulation

The purpose of insulation is to reduce the heat loss in the building. The indoor climate will be improved because the insulated outer walls will reduce the heat loss through the fabric retaining inner room temperatures. Internal insulation can also be considered if a thin layer of insulation is required, as this has an impact on the internal accommodation area. This can be an economical option, however, whilst considering internal insulation, the following issues need to be taken into account:
• The reduction in thermal mass,
• Risk of interstitial condensation and thermal bridging
• reduction in room size

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